Discussion session submissions


The deadline for submission has ended.

However, this does not mean that you cannot join AScUS and be part of AScUS 2024 in Troyes.

Remember, the Unconference is on exchanging ideas and identifying new approaches to urban sustainability problems, so impact and visibility is not determined by single talks or presentations. 

Participation is possible also without having submitted any abstract: Register and upload your presentation video to the Unconference Platform and start discussing with other participants about their contributions and your own research already before the conference. The AScUS platform fosters interaction and networking already prior to the physical event!

Then come to Troyes, see the people in person and participate in the workshop-like discussion sessions, the numerous networking opportunities and the Unconference dinner!

And, last but not least: You can still bring a poster of your research and hang it in the public science section (remember to keep it understandable also for non-adademic participants). Interact and divulgate, we support you with printing and translation service if needed. In this case please contact us: contact@ascus-society.org!

Just register and be part of AScUS!

Looking forward to seeing you in Troyes!