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If you are interested in contributing to the organization of the (un)conference now or in the future, or would even like to co-host the event at your institution at one point, please get in contact with us ( ). We are looking forward to welcoming you on board.

Organising Committee

The unconference is organized by a group of researchers from or based in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa. While it is an independent event, the unconference is organized in close collaboration with Metabolism of Cities.
The Organising Committee is composed of (alphabetical order):

  • Annabelle DUVAL | Nantes Université, France |
  • Oleksandr GALYCHYN | Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Finland |
  • Paul HOEKMAN | Metabolism of Cities, South Africa |
  • Nadine IBRAHIM | University of Waterloo, Canada |
  • Matan MAYER | IE University, Spain |
  • Santiago PEREZ I University of Technology of Troyes, France I
  • Jens PETERS | University of Alcalá, Spain |

Feel free to contact any of them for specific questions related to the (un)conference.

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